May 2011

"Stille" / "Silence" by Butow Maler"


The girl (and female voice): Lie
Movie, music and male voice: Butow Maler

Shot with an iPhone 4 and an OWLE Bubo

April 2011

"Gib der Sehnsucht Flügel"

one day the clouds will part,
the sun will shine
and I could fly again
to touch the stars with my eyes…

Veröffentlichung: 2. Quartal 2011

Photographs by Vernon Trent

Van Dyke Print - Scan vom Abzug

March 2011
New galleries: photography meets poetry - Model Lie meets Kathrin Schedl, mySELF, Andreas Puhl, Fotomo
New photographs: Ilona F, iphonografie, mbee, Stefan Kalscheid

February 2011
New galleries: "Göttin der Erinnerung" und "Lie dancing" by Butow Maler, Feisel G, Frei Kuh, Ilona F, Katja Kremnitz
New photographs: Kata Maler, mbee, Stefan Kalscheid, Think Tank Art, Vernon Trent

February 2010



Photographs by Mechthild Bäppler

January 2010
New photographs: Mechthild Bäppler, Arne Wahlen, Stefan Kalscheid

January 2010

Illustrated book


by Stefan Kalscheid

includes a few photographs of me - overall 99 analogue photographs from people and motives in the Ruhr area

format: 22,5 x 22,5 cm

109 pages
edition: 500

ISBN: 978-3-9805776-4-9

24,90 Euro
Buy @
and (HEMA-Haus, Essen)

August 2009

Wie ein Wanderer in einer mondlosen Nacht


"Wie ein Wanderer in einer mondlosen Nacht"

Author: Dai Sijie

Publisher: Piper

Photographer: S. Zickert -

Buy @

May 2009
New photographs: Kata Maler , Michael Trout (erotic fantasies), Butow Maler (Project "Wortbilder")

April 2009

love. alien style. by Marc Grönnebaum.


Special FX body slime.
Quite a messy sensation.
A lovely toy.
A visual ingredient for surreal photo shoots.
The perfect ingredient for fun.
Our tool for fine art.

In this book you will find
the results of different photo shots - or better:
art performances - based on our bodies,
10 liters of black coloured messy slime,
our blooming fantasy,
a little magic of light and my little camera.


February 2009

City Cards



Approx. 16.800 City Cards with motives made by
Mrs. Hyde and Model Lie have been distributed
in the area Bonn / Düsseldorf / Leverkusen.

February 2009

(UK: 8th of February 2009)


The German woman who calls herself "Model Lie" poses with a "broken heart" after the break-up of a long-term relationship. The 42-year-old avant-garde nude model chose to hold a heart that has been partly stitched back together, to show its capacity to heal with time.

Entitled "You Don' t Remember Me"
The image is by the German photographer Anja Papenfuss (
Mrs. Hyde).

December 2008
New galleries: Mr. Fox , Stefan Kalscheid , Stella polaris , Think Tank Art
New photographs:
Arne Wahlen , L Ena , Mrs. Hyde

December 2007

Exhibition: 26.1. - 17.2.2008 extendet to 24.2.08
"Art speaks from the depths of the soul"

In the gallery
Düsseldorfer Straße 73
40878 Ratingen

VERNISSAGE 26.1.2008, 6:00 pm

Opening hours:
Wednesday - Friday from 3:30 - 6:30 pm
Saturday from 2 pm - 6 pm and on appointment

"Art speaks from the depths of the soul"
its language finds expression in worlds of visual art

The model Lie interacts with the photographer, offers ideas, creates atmospheres and in this way, with her creativity provides an essential impulse and contribution to the cycle of development of the “picture worlds” shown here.

Her meaningful significant gestures, expressiveness and body language create and embody an art that speaks to the soul. It is not just an esthetically beautiful act photography, it is the expression of a woman, who with her visualizations and careful choice of photographers creates those scenes that can been seen here. The twenty photographs were taken by the photographers Vernon Trent, Monika Eichert, Anja Papenfuß, Oliver Vogt, Alfred Wickel, Butow Maler and Kata Maler.

copyright 2007 © Rosalie Thielen  - all rights reserved